Reliance and Resentment: An Ottawa Transportation Story

If you were to receive medicore service, would you still tip?
If you needed to reply on a service on a daily basis and it didnt perform to standard, would you be willing to pay extra?6

Probably not.

When I moved to the city, in 2013, OC Transpo was charging $96.25 per month.

I went to go pay for my bus pass for January and the teller said “okay that will be $122.50. Decembers bus pass was 119.50. Now I don’t mind paying a little more each year for the extension of the LRT, the service that bus drivers have given us during the pandemic, but when the time standards and uncertainties arise, I am not the biggest fan.

We are in a pandemic. The majority of people are either working from home with lesser salaries, temporarily or permanently laid off or have shorter shifts resulting in lower expected income. January 1st was not the time to commence the annual transportation fare increase.

I, like many of you, rely heavily on city transportation, so like I said, I dont mind paying the fee to allow myself to get to work. However when we have had a year like we have had, its a little hard for me to be happy about shelling out an extra three dollars a month.

When the LRT finally came into effect, it cut “more than two dozen lines — including workhorses like the 94 and 95 — will get new numbers and will no longer travel downtown.” states the Ottawa Citizen in 2019 before launch day. To put this into perspective for those who don’t live in Ottawa or do not take public transit like the rest of us, I would take one bus for 45 minutes right to the outside of my place of work. Today, I take a unreliable LRT plus a bus that takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes (include wait time at a connecting station).

The first week or so the LRT seemed exciting. It made Ottawa look like it was moving in the right direction.
The first month or so the LRT seemed like a huge mistake. Not only was usually running late but doors were jamming which disabled travel, track issues presented themselves, computer glitches. All of these issues resulted in buses resulting in bus services returing.

So with this you can see why I am furious with the fact that regardless of the service we receive, fees still continue to rise. If things were on par, if I could confidently say that I trust and believe in the LRT, then not only would I be okay with the annual 2.5 percent increase but I would not be blogging about this topic.

How do you feel?

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